Monday, May 11, 2009


The final result of the NGMS project was my concept of Ratios along with the Situated Learning theory by Jean Lave who says, "Knowledge needs to be presented in authentic contexts - settings and situations that would normally involve that knowledge.  Social interaction and collaboration are essential components - learners become involved in a 'community of practice' acquired.  As the beginner or novice moves from the periphery of a community to its center, he or she becomes more active and engaged within the culture and eventually assumes the role of an expert."  
The concept of ratios goes along with the ratio of light being diffused throughout the space and the ratio of the human body.  In order to create an active learning environment where everyone is engaged with the learning process, I used the concept of the human scale ratio with standing, sitting, and sitting on the floor and how that could be turned into a space.  The projector screen is the area of the room that is lit up the least and the opposite side of the room from the projector is the most lit up of the room to hopefully better the glare issue against the screen.

Northern Guilford Middle School 7th Grade Math Classroom

For the final studio project, we focused on the Northern Guilford Middle and High school and separated the schools into smaller groups of circulation, classrooms, media center, or art rooms.  I worked on the math classroom in the middle school and began playing around with different ideas for concepts through the overall class idea of nature.  I wanted to make the space a more inviting and enjoyable space by making it a relaxing experience the way that nature is.  I started out with the concept closer to the idea of driftwood because of the idea that it starts out one way and the ocean and surroundings shape it into something different and make it a very enjoyable piece still.  I wanted to relate this to the idea of the classroom being a way of shaping the students in it.  

After playing around with the idea of driftwo
od and talking to Patrick about my ideas, I started leaning more toward the idea of Ratios.  This is an idea that relates to nature as well as the classroom itself since it is the 7th grade math classroom.  I began playing with different ideas of ratios and wanted to try and have the room separated into "zones" and use different materials and colors to play off the ratio idea.