Thursday, March 26, 2009

A car full of loot and a 5 hour drive

Herman Miller's showroom was very impressive.  They have a very modern twist to the work spaces they design.  Different elements provide privacy but also separate the people's desks.  The overhanging leaflet shapes on the power columns are very interesting and make the space feel very playful and whimsical.  

This is an awesome famous desk and chair that is so minimal but makes such a great statement.  I love the simplicity of the desk and the sleek form.

The Coconut Chair!  SO cool to see one in "real life."  

AWESOME!  I would love to have one of these lounge chairs in my home.  I've never seen one in this color and it is great!

The showroom has natural light pouring in through this windows in the roof.  It adds to the open plan and cuts down on the need for artificial light.

The newer "cubicles" that can be closed completely off but still feels like a lot of room when you're inside.  They also have little sliding windows inside them that open to the people around you and have shorter walls so you can still communicate with people.

The view of Atlanta from our hotel window.  The fast - paced life.

Somehow two people's luggage turned into a car FULL of stuff!  It is true that girls pack too much! 

The trip to Atlanta was a chance to see how successful firms conduct their business and what they have to offer to upcoming designers.  

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