Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poetics of Space Chapter 4 "Nests"

Bachelard, in chapter 4, talks about the linkages of the home and the shelter of an animal.  We are similar in nature since we both take refuge in our comfortable places - like a burrow or a hole - and hide from the frightening or unpleasant things on the outside.  A nest can make us think of a comfortable place in our childhood or a place we would have liked to have known in our childhood.  Not everyone has memories and safe memories and feelings from their childhood, but the idea of a nest that is protective to an animal speaks to the idea that we can imagine what kind of refuge we would have liked to have had as a child.  " a garden, we grow more attached to a tree inhabited by birds."  We feel more of an attachment to something as static as a tree or shell if there is a living thing occupying it.  Our refuge is our safe place where we can feel secure and sure of ourselves.  

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