Wednesday, February 18, 2009

cool stuff specified in beta [room 204] project

During the project for room 204, we found some really cool stuff that we specified for our space. Since, our personal renderings may not do some of the things justice I wanted to put some actual images of these products on here...

This table is actually named the Curved Dining Table by Robert Bernstein. This is a very interested hand-drawn table that is 3/16" thick painted steel. It costs $10,000!

This is the Softwall by Molo Design. They make many different types of softwalls, as well as other "soft" objects. They make seating, lighting, walls, even rocks. For the Softwalls, there is a choice of it being paper or textile and they have the really interesting option of clipping things onto the wall.

The Smartboard is a display screen that can be projected on, written on, and interacted with. While having a projection up on the screen you can similtaniously write directly on it and use infrared pens to "write" with the projection.

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