Wednesday, February 18, 2009

perspectives of room 204 - beta

In the redesign of room 204, we used panels around the perimeters of the room in front of the windows. These panels can be moved side to side or swiveled to let light in or block it out to provide a place to project. There are two large tables/desks that are hung from the ceiling with cables and anchored to the floor when in use. When they are not needed, however, they can be lifted to the ceiling to provide more floor space. The room can be sectioned off with the Softwall that is seen in the middle of the room. This is a textile fabricated accordion-like wall that can be stored away when folded together or stretched out to create separate spaces.
What use to be the storage closets has now been converted into one smaller storage closet and space created for a small break-out room for group meetings and smaller discussions. Separating this small room from the larger classroom is two panels that slide in front and behind each other creating a sealed off feeling. The panels are not floor to ceiling leaving the hint that there is something behind them and creating for a more open air-flowing feeling.

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