Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my favorite teacher

My favorite teacher was one of my English teachers in high school, Mrs. Luke. She was very old when I had her as a teacher and had been at that high school for about 40 years. Many peoples' parents had her as a teacher when they were in high school. The reason that I like her was because she was scary! I had her my 10th grade year when I was a "silly cheerleader" and she was mean as hell to me in the beginning of the year and I remember "hating" her, but by a few weeks after that I started to really like her and only respected her more and more throughout the year. She was the type of teacher that could just look at you and make you instantly shut up and listen and she was very smart too. She made us think about grammar and what was coming out of our mouths so as not to sound like a bunch of "hicks" and taught us good writing skills as well. I always looked forward to her class. She passed away the summer after I graduated and I believe in her early 80s and had a huge funeral with a ton of guests. She was an awesome teacher and mentor that I will never forget.

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