Wednesday, February 11, 2009

outcome of alpha and second phase

The first of the images is what came of the alpha charrette of the collage of images. Everyone came up with a different interpretation of their piece of the whole. Some people used charcoal, some watercolors, some attached things to their board which made for a difficult time getting them to stay on the wall :). Doug's was pretty cool with lots of layers of mat board stacked on each other and connected with nuts and bolts and some black paper attached to the piece as an abstract representation of the painting. My solution to the part of the painting I got was to use two different mediums - one representing the old painting and another representing the "new" of our studio and how we use technology. In the background where the old painting was I replicated the painting using black ink painting. In the space where the sign for our studio was I went into photoshop and used magazine style lettering to spell out the writing. It created a collage-like image that was representative of our learning process in iarc as well as the project we had created as a whole studio.
The second image is of the next phase of the charrette. We were told to show an overlay of the gatewood building section and show how it somehow connected to the image underneath. We used the section of the building and then cut out peices of it to reveal the work under it creating an interesting composition. We then used yarn to show sunlight patterns of the site.

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