Monday, February 2, 2009

First Charrette of the semester

For the beginning of the semester project we were each given a square from the Raphael painting "School of Athens."  With this being a project getting us back into the "groove" of school and redefining our creativity, we were told to use 3 or more different techniques to reproduce our own square.  This would in turn create a mosaic of paintings to recreate the whole.  The square I got was the very bottom left corner that doesn't have much on it in the actual painting.  Patrick put together a sign to go in that place to tell who we were as a studio and what we were doing through this project.  When I first started trying to figure out how to go about producing my square, I thought a lot about trying to cut parts out and make parts that are built outward from the painting.  I wanted to do something with black ink and possibly with acrylic paints.  The one mediums that I used from that list were ink and building out.  

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