Wednesday, February 18, 2009

favorite quote from bachelard chapter 1

In chapter one, Bachelard talks a lot about the house and how each person perceives it and how they remember their own houses and spaces. A quote that sticks out to me is on page 4 in the third paragraph: "For our house is our corner of the world." This means a lot of things to me. It makes me think about the fact that when I go out in public anywhere I always sit in a corner. I don't ever like to have my back to anything and want to be able to see all around me and be able to guard myself. This is the way I feel safe. I take this quote in this similar sense of a feeling of safety - like in your house you are safe from the rest of the world. You feel comfortable and feel like you can sit in your house - or fortress as it feels like - and watch everything go on outside around you - but since you are in your comfortable place people can't get to you as easily.
Not only is our house our safe place, it is what we always assume to be "our right." We have land and it is ours. It is OUR place to go and if we want, we can tell other people to stay out of OUR place and OUR land. This is our place where we can go to be completely alone with our thoughts if we want. We can do or feel or think whatever we want in the safety of our corner and feel like the world can't see us.

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